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Merry Christmas and Happy 20th Birthday, Project Linus

Happy 20th Birthday Project Linus!!!

On December 24, 2015, Project Linus will celebrate its 20th Birthday. On Christmas Eve 1995, Karen Loucks Rinedollar, our founder, was inspired by a simple article in a weekly paper that perhaps children could be touched, loved, and comforted by a warm snuggly handmade blanket. She quickly realized that she couldn't do this alone and would need volunteers to help. At the time, Karen didn't really have any volunteers, but what she did have was a vision, and friends, and an idea. She was able to put into motion a grassroots effort that has over the years transformed into a nationwide blanket-making army of approximately 75,000 people. By the time our 20th Birthday arrives, Project Linus will have donated close to 6 MILLION blankets to children who are seriously ill, traumatized or in need. 

Millions of children and adults have either received the comfort that a handmade blanket can bring, or have been uplifted in the service of children. We are thrilled that Project Linus has grown into the force for good that we know today.

Project Linus of East Tennessee has supported that effort with donations of over 25,000 blankets.

Your continued support of Project Linus of East TN is appreciated.  Whether you make blankets, help with deliveries/pick-ups, donate materials or make a financial donation -- it all helps us excel at our mission.  As we near year end and pause to remember our blessings, I hope Project Linus is among them for you.  Please remember us in your year-end donations (checks can be sent directly to me made out to Project Linus or made through the national website with the East TN chapter as the designee)or if you are out shopping and see a great sale on yarn (we have a number of volunteers that crochet that are on very limited incomes).  Of course, gift cards for materials to places like Walmart and JoAnn's and/or gas are also always appreciated.

Most importantly, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and most happy and peaceful New Year.