Snowball Express

It is that time of year again - time to get ready for the Snowball Express event in Dallas, TX.  Our chapter will be participating again with many chapters across the US.

For the newbies, Snowball Express is a group that provides a holiday vacation for the children of our fallen soldiers.  If you haven't already done so, please check out their website ( for photos and more information.

They will be handing out blankets on Sunday December 11th and will need to receive shipments no later than November 29th (preferably sooner) so we need all blankets to drop off locations by no later than NOVEMBER 5th.

If you've seen the photos - they are placed on tables by type to help the kids find the one that they want.  We always send more than needed so each child has several blankets to pick from so we will need every blanket you can donate.  Any extra blankets after the event are delivered immediately to children in Dallas area local hospitals and homeless shelters and are in addition to normal PL deliveries.  The Dallas chapter does not hold on to them for regular deliveries.  (Exception: Patriotic blankets go to TAPs.)

There will not be children in attendance under the age of 5 so the blankets we provide need to be approx. 40" x 50" or LARGER. There have been quite a few teenagers and some of these kiddos are TALL so we need larger blankets as well. Most of the children are looking for blankets that they can wrap up in so even the smaller children LOVE the bigger blankets.

**Service specific blankets go FIRST (Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force, Coast Guard - in that order).  We always have some tired kiddo who got in from the airport late looking for a blanket from his or her parent's branch of the service and we have to tell him or her that we're out of those.

Next favorite is Star Wars, Super Heroes, Minions, Disney, then camouflage patterned blankets - the standard camo colors, the digital print, and the blue and the pink camo (and any new colors that may be out now)  are all VERY popular.

These kids don't select a lot of patriotic themed blankets so we save a lot of those for TAPs in May. Please remember if you do patriotic, please don't send blankets which are in the shape of a flag. Each of these children has attended a funeral where the casket of a parent was draped with a large flag.

These kids also like what all other kids like so we'll need plenty of super heroes (we NEVER have enough of those), sports, cartoon characters, cheer, gymnastics, puppies, kittens, horses, lady bugs, etc.  If you/your group is making quilts – you may want to try a fleece backing and no batting.  These are both really beautiful and sturdy AND are very soft and cuddly.

Lastly, it costs to ship these blankets to Dallas. All donations are welcome.  Checks can be made payable to Project Linus and sent to Deb Miller at 365 Dean Dr, Ten Mile, TN 37880.

Let Deb know if you have questions.